What Kind of Warranties Do HVAC Tune Up Companies Offer?

When it comes to HVAC tune up companies, there are a variety of warranties that they offer. Most of these warranties are provided by the manufacturer and cover any parts of the machine that are in the name of the HVAC brand. Additionally, a labor warranty will cover service charges, labor costs, and associated fees to install that part. In other words, the manufacturer's warranty covers only parts and the labor warranty covers gaps.

Home warranties are also available for repairs to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems caused by regular wear and tear. This is why home warranties require you to maintain your air conditioning system in order to receive coverage. Keeping your system in good shape and operating efficiently and reliably during hot and cold weather is essential. Home warranties are designed to cover the maintenance and repair of systems and appliances that have been affected by normal wear and tear or age-related faults. In contrast, homeowners insurance focuses on repairing damage caused by accidents, weather conditions, fires, or other external forces.

The systems covered by the warranty will depend on the type of warranty you choose; most warranty companies offer policies that cover only appliances (including kitchen and laundry), only systems (including complete household systems, such as electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning), or combined policies that cover both. If you want to make sure your air conditioning system is covered, be sure to select a warranty package that includes it. Typically, HVAC warranties include central air conditioning units, heating systems, some wall heaters, and water heaters. The best residential warranty for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems will also cover ducts and pipes, along with the components that make the systems work, such as thermostats. Generally speaking, home warranties don't cover portable appliances like window units. Many HVAC companies offer service contracts for HVAC units to make it easier to keep records and schedule routine maintenance.

If you have any problems or your air conditioning system stops working properly, you will contact your warranty company by phone or through their online portal to file a claim. Home warranties don't cover all types of breakdowns but they do cover simple damage caused by wear and tear that builds up over time. Often when you have a malfunction in an air conditioning system and you need professional help, a home warranty company will dictate which contractors can repair it. Some companies offer customers the freedom to select who they prefer to work with while others assign a technician from a group of approved companies they have chosen to work with to review the system. The most important thing to remember about HVAC warranties is that they cover the cost of replacing equipment but not the labor cost you would pay to an HVAC company.

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