Are HVAC Tune Up Companies Insured and Bonded to Work on Your System?

When it comes to hiring an HVAC contractor, it's important to make sure they are insured and bonded. Super Heat & Air is happy to provide you with a bond number and certification upon request. A bond is a form of consumer protection that guarantees money is available in the event of a lawsuit against the contractor. This money is controlled by the state, not the company itself.

In other words, bonds provide customers with greater confidence and security. It also brings responsibility, reputation, and credibility to a business. Bonds also protect consumers if the contractor fails to finish a job, doesn't pay for permits, or fails to meet other financial obligations, such as covering damage caused by workers. Insurance provides compensation if a customer's property is damaged during work.

It also protects the contractor if workers are injured. That's why it's essential to never hire an HVAC contractor that isn't insured, as liability for injuries could fall on you. We recommend requesting a copy of the contractor's insurance certificate before hiring them. Super Heat & Air provides a copy upon request.

It's likely that an HVAC contractor that isn't licensed, guaranteed, or insured will provide poor-quality workmanship. A licensing board hasn't evaluated their competencies, so what can you expect? In addition, if an unlicensed HVAC contractor is hired, it will be difficult to file warranty claims against them in case something goes wrong. To keep your HVAC system running effectively and efficiently for as long as possible, routine maintenance by a professional contractor is essential. When you hire a licensed HVAC contractor, you won't be held accountable if one of the technicians is injured while working on your HVAC system.

Working with a licensed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor who demonstrates proof of insurance protects you from getting involved in any payment-related disputes. Remember that if you decide to work with an air conditioning company that doesn't have a license, warranty, or insurance, you might regret it when something goes wrong with your job. So, if your HVAC installation doesn't meet the standards, inspecting your home may result in additional costs for you. There are several rules and regulations that HVAC technicians must follow when working on an HVAC system.

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